Slate of Officers Nominated for Fraternal Year 2017-2018

The Nominating Committee has met, and would like to present the following slate of Officers for the Fraternal Year, 2017/2018. :

Grand Knight – Charlie Miele
Deputy GK – George DeVito
Chancellor- Vito Adotta
Warden- Frank Punturieri
Treasurer- Bill Johnson
Recorder- Mike Murphy- PGK
Advocate- Rick Hazard- PGK
Inside Guard- Nick Cokinos
Outside Guard- Anthony Iovine
Outside Guard- Dave Wilton
Trustee- 3 yrs.- Fred McMenamin- PGK
Trustee- 2 yrs.- Jack Schaffhouser- PGK
Trustee- 1 yr- Joe Ozoniak,PGK
Chaplin- Father Dawid Zajecki
Spiritual Advisor- Deacon Jim Cammarano
Lecturer (Appt. by GK)- Carl Johnson
Financial Secretary- Jim Zajdel, PGK (Appointed by Supreme)

*Election of the New Officers will be held on Thursday- June 1, at 7:30, at the regular Council meeting.

** All dues paying members are eligible to Vote, or be Nominated from the floor, for an Elective office.