Our First 50 Years! (VIDEO)

        On April 27, 2014, the Joseph F. Lamb celebrated it’s 50th year of servicing our community of Jefferson Township and the surrounding areas. We created a slideshow from pictures over the past 50 years, thanks to many contributors*.

       This video was created out of Love, Respect and Friendship for all those we knew, worked and had fellowship with. I hope it brings back memories of where we started to how far we have come.

We have had many great accomplished during our first 50 years. Only God knows what challenges lie ahead, but we are ready, strong and willing to continue the journey into the future.

Due to royalty restrictions on Beatles songs the video had to be removed from the website. If you would like a copy contact us ans we will do our best to supply you with one.

Length: 26:45

Contributors *
Harry Black
James Cammarano
Sally Leavitt
Fred McMenamin,PGK
Charles Miele
Scott Milliken
Michael Murphy,GK
Mark Nadler
Joseph Ozoniak
Frank Punturieri
Lou Schnackenberg,PGK
Robert Simpson,PGK
Thomas Ubriaco,Jr
Thomas Ubriaco,III
James Zadjel,PGK