Flag Day Tank Pull 2015

On this Flag day Joe Ozoniak GK, representing our Council, traveled to Clifton to meet with present day warriors, and some over the hill Knights trying to raise Funds and not embarrass themselves. The pictures show that Paramus is missing an Anti Aircraft Gun. 
img_0001 img_0006 img_0007 img_0008 img_0009
Now the tank was on a trailer and it was tons of steel to pull. See how many faces you can place. I can see The Lawman from the old Third degree, some Paterson Federation chair, some former District Deputies, one out going State Deputy, one incoming State Deputy. Plus lots of fun and plenty of food and shade to sit and watch. 

The Tank Pull Challenge is a physical test of endurance, as competitors must make a determined effort to overcome the impossible odds of moving an immovable object – an 80,000 pound tank mounted on a flatbed truck. The clarion call for the competitor is take up the challenge and overcome the impossible!

Taking part in the Tank Pull Competition benefits the veterans and particularly the Wounded Warriors financially and materially and ensures that their service will not be forgotten.

The bottom line is supporters and contestants are pulling for our military and making a difference.