Slate of Officers Nominated for Fraternal Year 2018-2019

The Elections will be held on JUNE 7, 2018 and our 1st business meeting.  Nominations can presented from the floor for any position listed below. Any “Dues paying member”, is eligible to be nominated,  or eligible to Vote.

Proposed slate of Officers for Fraternal Year, starting on July 1, 2018 :

Grand Knight- Tony Roskowsky
Deputy Grand Knight- Joe  O’Donnell
Chancellor- Vito Adotta
Warden- Frank Punturieri
Treasurer- Bill Johnson
Recorder- Mike Murphy-PGK
Advocate- Bob Simpson- PGK
Inside Guard-Nick Cokinos
Outside Guard- Tom Klein
Outside Guard- Rick Hazard- PGK
Trustee- 3yr- Charlie Miele-PGK
Trustee- 2 Yr.- Fred Mcmenamin-PGK
Trustee- 1 yr.-Jack Schaffhauser-PGK

Non-Voting appointments :

Chaplin- Father Dawid Zajecki
Spiritual Advisor- Deacon Jim Cammarano
Lecturer- George DeVito
Jim Zajdel-PGK- Financial Secretary-(Appointed by Supreme)