War of the Worlds


Sounds outlandish but on Saturday, September 14th   at 2PM the Knights of Columbus Council 5510 will present Raconteur Radio who will be coming to Jefferson Township to perform on stage a live presentation of the original 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast of “WAR OF THE WORLDS”!

Before television there was radio entertainment. The Raconteur Radiobrings the Thrilling Days of the Golden Age of Radio back to life.

Raconteur Radio stages theatrical presentations of vintage radio plays, classic works of literature, and pop culture parodies for live audiences. Their productions are staged around art deco and feature theatrical lighting, period costumes, vintage commercials, Golden Age radio equipment, and extensive sound effects.

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS is set in Grover Mills, NJ, the play is a loose adaptation of the H. G. Wells classic. The simulated “news bulletins” of the original broadcast suggested to many contemporaneous listeners that an actual alien invasion was currently in progress and, as a result, there were instances of panicked evacuations throughout the US, especially in New Jersey! 

This show will bring back memories of a time forgotten and is also an education experience for the young.

So Mark Your Calendar for, Saturday, September 14th, at 2PM at St Thomas the Apostle Church Hall at 5635 Berkshire Valley Rd, Oak Ridge, NJ. Tickets are $15 per person and are now available.

For Tickets call: Fred: 973-697-5998 or Mike 1-908-208-5190

This will be an event that is different and utterly unique and cannot be missed!  So get your tickets before the invasion!